The Science, Technology, and Innovation Information Center


The Namibian Science, Technology and Innovation Information Centre (iCenter) is established under section 5, subsection (1)(n) of the Research, Science and Technology Act of 2004, (Act no. 23 of 2004) and is one of the flagship programs within the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST).

iCenter is a web-based interactive platform that provides easy access to national and international information services pertaining to Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) related activities in support of the knowledge economy development. More broadly, this platform facilitates information and knowledge exchange across research institutions, the industry, researchers, innovators, policy makers and the public nationally, regionally and internationally.

As a knowledge and information exchange platform, this platform encourages the promotion and application of research and innovation to create value that serves our businesses, markets and the wider needs of our society.

Furthermore, with this platform, users can create their profiles and safely upload their CVs, projects, publications, share their stories and achievements. The users profile will be published on the iCenter with the aim of showcasing users profile and to encourage open research and innovation collaborations.


Our core functions are:

  • To collect, disseminate and promote any research, science and technology results, statistics, reports, literature, data, services or any other information pertaining to research, science, technology and innovation;
  • The monitoring and evaluation of the overall management and functioning of the science and technology system and the national system of innovation; and
  • To support the continuous revision of the national STI policy to address changing and new circumstances.

Other functions include efforts to conduct foresight studies on issues that are important to our society; issues such as the effects of global warming, health, water and energy with the aim of galvanizing action from relevant experts and stakeholders to established R&D and Innovation focus areas to address the issues identified through the application science, technology and innovation.


Our main objectives are:

  • To be the primary reference centre for national STI information;
  • To be the leading STI information centre of excellence in the country and beyond;
  • To be the leading agent of collaboration and networking between policy makers, researchers, innovators, the business sector and the public.