​STI Organizations


​Below is a list of STI organisations registered on the iCenter that are involved in STI related activities.

This list will be updated regularly based on the information available to us.

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​In our scope, we consider STI organisations as those organisations which primary activities are to conduct scientific research and technological advancements, contribute to the creation of scientific and technological knowledge and produce specialized human resources and knowhow in the area of STI.  Read Full Purpose Statement

Why Register​

Registering your organisation profile on the iCenter, will ensure that we are able to capture information on organisations that are involed in STI related activities around the country.

The data on your organisation are stored on the iCenter and this will help us to facilitate networking and collaboration by showcasing and diffusing information on organisations to a wider STI community worldwide. This will raise the organisational profile to possibilities of partnerships, research collaborations and networking with other organisations involved in STI nationally, regionally and internationally.

If you have already registered your organisation on iCenter portal, click here to Login to visit your organisational profile or click Register to go to the registration page to register your organisational profile. 


For any enquiries please contact:

  • Mr Ebenhezer Kauhonina
    Tel: +264 61 431 7025
    Email: ekauhonina@ncrst.na
  • Mr Vincentius Mughongora
    Tel: +264 61 431 7074
    Email: vmughongora@ncrst.na