National Science Fair 

​This event is organised annually in collaboration with the Ministry of Basic Education, Arts & Culture. The purpose of the Science Fair is to popularize science and technology among our students, community and educators. It is a vehicle to encourage student, parents and teachers to take a more active interest in the study of science by providing an opportunity for students to conduct and publicly present an independent scientific inquiry.

The aim of the National Science Fair is to:

  • To provide educational experience through participation in scientific research;
  • To give public recognition to learners for the work that they have done;
  • To encourage inquisitive students to explore their environment in a systematic, logical manner; and
  • To stimulate students interest in science and technology while simultaneously promoting the development of the life skills of communication, decision making, evaluation of alternative solutions, and critical thinking.


Winners of the National Science Fair also participate annually in International Science Fairs such as the Eskom Expo for Young Scientist.